X-Trouser Door strikers (Pair)
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X-Trouser Door strikers (Pair)


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At last, a solution to one of the most common complaints about Land Rover Defender Vehicles! As you climb in to a Defender, all too frequently, one of your belt loops or pockets gets caught on the door catch – and very often gets ripped clean off!
X-eng decided to do something about it! The result is the X-Trouser door striker. Not only does it protect your trousers, in many cases it makes the door close more reliably and helps (though it does not entirely stop) the seat belt getting caught in the latch. If the seat belt does become caught as you close the door, it suffers less damage due to the smooth profile of the X-Trouser door striker.
The X-Trouser door striker is reversible so it will fit both the driver and passenger doors, left & right hand drive. It will also fit the rear side doors of 110 Station Wagons.
A few users have commented how tricky it can be to re-align the door catch when changed – but if you follow this procedure its quick & easy!
* Using a marker pen, draw a line on the door frame around the base of the cream coloured riser block (Above Centre). When you re-fit, align the riser with the drawn line – and it will be in exactly the same place the original catch was.
* If when you close the door, it does not latch properly – it’s usually because the grease in the door lock has dried out and become sticky. Spray a load of WD40 into the lock from the edge of the door, then if available follow it with a spray of grease.
In order to add the domed end (important to make the X-Trouser smooth and less likely to catch), we have shortened it by 1.5mm in order not to contact the door latch mechanism. In some rare cases, where the door is too far forwards, this causes the latch to miss the pin on the X-Trouser and the door not close properly. On your original door catch, you will be able to see a witness mark where the latch has been striking the plastic sleeve of the striker. If this mark is within 1.5mm of the edge of the plastic, you may need to add an additional spacer underneath the Nylon block the X-Trouser bolts to or alternatively, slacken the door hinges and move the door backwards a couple of mm.
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