VisionX XPR
VisionX XPR-21M LIGHT BAR 40″ 210W COMBI
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VisionX XPR-21M LIGHT BAR 40″ 210W COMBI



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VisionX XPR uses the so-called IRIS reflector technology with only 5 ° beam per diode which provides a longer range for the light to outshine and outlast. Anyone who wishes to shine far ahead without “losing any light” is the XPR ramp the perfect choice. With inclined (tilted) diodes at each end of the ramp the XPR gives width despite only the 5° beam from each diode. High-efficiency 10W LEDs from the latest generation of LEDs ensures that the XPR delivers a great light with an incredible strength that will impress the pickiest user.

VisionX XPR comes with two different mounting brackets in the box that allows mounting the ramp in each end, alternative to more traditional bracket with the so-called maturity-rails at the bottom of the ramp. XPR can easily be mounted on both passenger cars and trucks with a very competitive price in relation to the length of light and brightness.

VisionX XPR is made out of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens, high IP rating and vibration resistance and low power consumption in relation to the effect. XPR also has the Vision X unique 5.5 years warranty and gives customers a safe investment that shines for many years.

Lamp housing: Robust aluminum
Voltage: 11-32V
Power consumption: 17.5 Amp at 12V
IP rating: IP68
Vibration Class: 15.6G
Working temperature: -40°C – + 80°C
Height: 70mm (without bracket)
Depth: 80mm
Width: 1 016mm
Watt: 180
LED: 21
Raw lumens: 22 659
Effective lumens: 15 861
Lens: Polycarbonate
Light Image: 5° Spot (XPR has “tilted” reflectors which spreads the light horizontally)

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