VisionX Xmitter
VisionX XMITTER PRIME XTREME 12V 21″ 180W 10°/25° E-MARKED
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VisionX XMITTER PRIME XTREME 12V 21″ 180W 10°/25° E-MARKED


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VisionX Xmitter Prime 21″ is an extremely durable LED light bar with ultra efficient 5W LEDs that provides a truly powerful light. Perfect for boosting the high beam in most vehicles that do not want big bulky external lights in the front, for example newer cars with sensors and radar.

In total, the ramp gives 19,008 lumen. (A 35W Xenon lamp gives approximately 3,000 lumens). With so-called “multi-optics”, the LED ramp provides 6 336 lumens in 25° flood and 12 672 lumens in 10° spot, which gives you both distance and width of the light.

* Harnessing unbeatable power and efficiency
* 5 years warranty – top of the line quality
* Unbreakable glass – flexible polycarbonate lens
* Heavy duty construction – can withstand vibrations up to 15,6Grms
* Built in EMC interference filter – won’t disturb vehicles electronic systems
* Fully moisture proof lamp housing – no moisture problems.
* Active temperature control with Prime Drive and ETM. In order to get the intensity and luminous flux that Xmitter Prime possesses, read more further down:
Vision X, an American company in the forefront of LED lighting, has now released LED lamps with the brand new and unique Prime Drive technology. It allows for more light flow from the diodes than was previously possible.

Prime Drive technology is a so-called (PWM) Pulse Width Modulation which “pulses” the LED faster than the eye can perceive and thus lowers the operating temperature of the diode. When the working temperature is lowered, the diode can be operated harder with a sustained total service life and without the light output weakening after a time of use. The Prime Drive illumination allows the diode to operate at 90% of full power continuously without overheating, yet giving the LED a life of 50,000 hours.

Electronic Thermal Management (ETM) is integrated into the lamp and monitors the heat output of the diodes to maintain the intensity of the diode and to avoid discoloration and failure etc. which occurs if the heat becomes too high.

All Prime lamps that has a yellow cable attached to the DT-connector can easily be connected to a dimmer that adjusts the light flow of the lamp. Dimmer is available in the Vision X range. Benefits are for example, that the lamp can be used as both position light / DRL and full beam, high beam or working light.

Certifications and durability tests:
* E-marked and road legal in Europe according to ECE R112 ref. 37.5
* CE approved
* RoHS certified
* EMC filter CISPR 25,5 (no radio noise etc)
* Waterproof to IP68+IP69K
* Vibration tested up to 15,6 Grms, shock proof up to 60G
* Temperature tested from -40°C to +80°C.

Lamp housing: Heavy duty aluminium
Voltage: 12V
Power consumption: 15 Amps at 12V
IP rating: IP68 + IP69K
Vibration Class: 15.6G
Operating temperature: -40°C – +80°C
Height: 75mm excluding brackets
Width: 85mm
Length: 525mm
Lens: Polycarbonate
Watt: 180
LED: 36 pcs. x 5W
Raw lumens: 19 008
Effective lumens: 13 320
Light pattern: Combined: 25° Euro and 10° Spot
Optic figuration: 25°/10°/10°/10°/10°/25°

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