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Viair Portable compressor 400P
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Viair Portable compressor 400P


The Viair Portable compressor set model 400P has a flow rate of 65 litres / minute and 12 volt operating voltage and comes  in its own bag to be easily transportable.

As a pioneer and market leader in the field of automotive compressors, VIAIR has set the highest quality standards that apply to all VIAIR compressor models and series. Here is a brief overview of the most important features: – Stainless steel valves guarantee long-lasting and optimal shutter speeds – Generously sized cooling fins on cylinders with optimised design to ensure maximum air dissipation and longer service life – Anodised cylinder running surfaces for increased protection against abrasion – The piston engine with PTFE piston rings ensures low-friction and therefore optimal smooth running. Service life properties – the motors are protected against splashing water and so corrosion-resistant – an integrated, automatic overheating protection helps to protect the life of the compressors – CE marking.

The VIAIR compressor kit model 400P comes with the following :

· 7.5 meter air hose, spiral
· 2.5 meter battery cable with battery terminals
Tyre inflator including pressure gauge
· Base or plate made of aluminium
· Connection from the base to the compressor through vibration-inhibiting silent blocks
Replaceable air filter
Battery cable with integrated fuse holder incl. 40 amp fuse
· Three additional valve adapters
· A high quality carrying case

The VIAIR portable compressor kit model 400P has the following technical features:

· Suitable for tyre sizes max. 35×12.50R15
Delivery volume: at 0 bar 65 L / min, at 3 bar 44 L / min, at 5 bar 33 L / min and at 7 bar 22 litres per minute
· Max. Air pressure: 10 bar
· Max. Voltage: 13.8 volts
· Max. Power consumption: 30 amps
· Max. Ambient temperature for operating the compressor: 70 ° Celsius
Min. Ambient temperature for operating the compressor: -40 ° Celsius
· Max. possible operating time e.g. at 22 ° C ambient temperature: 20 minutes at 7 bar, then pause the compressor for approx. 40 minutes
· With on and off switch
Dimension: length 28cm / width 15cm / height 19cm
Weight: 4.8 kg
Protection class: IP54

Typical filling times for the VIAIR compressor kit model 400P:

Tyre size 31 x 10.50 R15:
· 0 to 2 bar – 3 min. 00 sec.
1 to 2 bars – 1 min. 35 sec.

Tyre size 33 x 12.50 R15:
· 0 to 2 bar – 4 min. 20 sec.
· 1 to 2 bar – 2 min. 05 sec.

Tyre size 35 x 12.50 R15:
· 0 to 2 bar – 5 min. 20 sec.
· 1 to 2 bar – 2 minutes 45 seconds

For larger tyres and rapid pressure adjustment, battery-powered compressors such as the VIAIR 400P  are recommended

This is also available with an added Bushranger Plugga III saving £6

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