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Viair 75P Off Road package
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Viair 75P Off Road package


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Whether road trip or expedition, adventure or everyday life: punctures are annoying but, unlike mechanical damage, they can be quickly and safely handled if the equipment is right. This applies to everyone, even if there is no help nearby, e.g. in the vastness of Lapland, the Sahara or just miles from home. This all-round carefree package for road and off-road consists of the portable VIAIR 75P compressor- small and compact and perfect for occasional and emergency situations.

 In this off-road bundle, there is a Viair 75P compressor with a repair kit consisting of awl, needle and rubber strip, together with a tyre deflator set, i.e. drain valves for pressure regulation away from the tarmac. After setting the desired pressure, the deflators are simply screwed onto the valves and then do their work automatically and simultaneously on all four tyres. Ingeniously simple, simply ingenious.

You can find the full spec of the compressor here

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