Thermal tent liner
Thermal Tent Liner for RoofLodge Evolution2
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Thermal Tent Liner for RoofLodge Evolution2


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There’s one golden rule when it comes to insulation: layer up. Everybody knows this from sport and outdoor clothes but it also applies to tents. And since a bear wears a thicker coat in winter, we adapted the idea for our roof tents with the bear logo, Evo II and Lightweight, and created an inner thermal tent liner that is practical and easy to set up. There’s no excuse any more for not going winter-camping in one of our RoofLodge roof tents.

Our thermal tent liner for RoofLodges Evolution2 and Lightweight takes its cue from old nomad wisdom: the tent inside the tent immediately creates more warmth and a much better climate. Just like inside a mongol yurt, we are simply applying a perfectly fitting, insulating and breathing second layer to the roof and the walls. It reduces thermal radiation loss and gives you a much more even temperature distribution throughout the day. Fitting it is really easy, too. The quilted material with its three layers – polyester on the outside and thermal fleece on the inside– is simply clipped onto the tentpoles and tied down to the mattress by sewn-in straps.

Apart from preserving warmth, the quickly fitted inner liner tent also reduces condensation build-up. And since ventilation is of utmost importance in that context, the liner also features air vents that perfectly match the windows in the outer tent walls. Same as with the entrance flap, the ventilation windows are opened and closed by robust, durable YKK zippers. Last but not least, the thermal material also reduces outside noise by a hefty 35 dB.

Use our thermo-liner tent for a significantly warmer, dryer and quieter camping experience in your Roof Lodge. It’ll make even winter camping much more cozy.

The roof tent can still be closed with the inner tent attached.

Is the Nakatanenga Thermal Inner Tent for Evolution2 compatible with other roof tents?

One can only answer this question with a clear yes and no:


As you can clearly see, there are areas where the inner tent is a little too big and there are areas where it is a little short. This causes it to be lifted on the sides and sagging slightly on the longitudinal axis. The fit is therefore not ideal for third-party tents, but we are talking about deviations of around 3cm (depending on the actual height of the poles).
To avoid misunderstandings: The thermal inner tent has NO bottom, even if the above illustration could create this impression, but is fixed with elastic straps under the corners of the mattress.

Material: polyester micro fibres, thermal fleece
Zippers: YKK


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