Startech Steering Wheel




STARTECH steering wheel with Land Rover Logo. Startech is one of the premier European Bespoke Defender dealers and this steering reflects the finest workmanship associated with them. The Startech steering wheel comes in genuine leather and has a diameter of 355mm, Startech LD-805-01.

A smaller sports steering wheel is not just a visual enhancement in the Defender, but also enhances driving pleasure and safety. At the same time it allows just people a more relaxed sitting position in the “quirky” confines of the Defender cockpit- particularly in connection with our seat rail extensions and sports seats. This high quality genuine leather sports steering wheel fits seamlessly into a high-quality vehicle interior.
To fit this Startech steering wheel, you need a steering wheel boss. If you already have a Raid steering wheel then you can use that Raid steering boss, alternatively you need to purchase a wheel with a boss.
For all Defenders up to model year 2014 and serial number EA999999 (found under the item E in their vehicle registration) you will need either a 36 or 48 spline boss (we can supply both bosses at an additional charge and then refund the cost of unused one on its return to us)
For all Defender from model year 2014 and serial number FA000001 you will get the exact hub needed.

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