Safari Equip Rock and Tree Sliders 110 3door
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Safari Equip Rock and Tree Sliders 110 3door


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Protect your vehicle from side impact both on and off road and especially in supermarket carparks from rocks, trees and trolleys with a set of Safari Equip rock and tree sliders. We have this brand of rock and tree sliders fitted to all our vehicles. They have survived long trips to the outback of Australia, close encounters with concrete bollards in black ice and supermarket trolleys, as well as what they were designed for – rocks and trees on green laning trips and RTV trials.

Safari Equip Rock and Tree Sliders for 3 door Defender 110
Galvanised and Powder Coated Black
Manufactured by Safari-Equip in Yorkshire

The Land Rover Defender is probably the most common off road vehicle used in the UK and as a result Safari-Equip have a range of rock sliders or side bars to suit. Usually one of the first pieces to be purchased for any vehicle venturing off the beaten track, these rock sliders are fitted with Nerf Bars providing extra protection from wayward tree stumps and boulders helping to push obstacles out of the way. Unlike the standard Rock Sliders these have had their jacking points lowered below the Nerf Bar. Rock Sliders help prevent expensive and potentially crippling damage to your vehicle. Supplied complete with all the fixings, galvanised and powder coated in black they are easy to fit and provide maximum protection to a usually vulnerable area.
These 3 door rock sliders are supplied with an extra bar to work in conjunction with the rear bracket securely fastening them to your 3 door Land Rover 110.

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