awning front panel
RoofLodge Evolution2 awning front panel
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RoofLodge Evolution2 awning front panel


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Awning front panel for the RoofLodge Evolution2 awnings
These are also suitable for awnings by other manufacturers, as long as the aluminium front profile has a awning gtrack or one will need to be retrofitted.

The awning front Panel fulfilsl various functions – especially in combination with our awning side parts:

They are excellent wind protection – this is where the relatively heavy fabric (280g / m² PU-coated RipStop polycotton – our stone-gray awning and awning fabric) comes into play, which has significantly reduced fluttering noises.
They are the ideal rain protection – our awning and awning fabric is coated with metal on one side (inside) and, thanks to the impregnation on the other side (outside), is water and dirt repellent.
They can be tensioned or extended  using optional telescopic poles to increase the shaded area immensely.
They have a conveniently small pack size, but bring big benefits. If the awning protects against the evening and night coolness from above, these awning extensions significantly increase comfort by reflecting the light from a lamp and also to a certain extent emitted thermal radiation (this effect is minor, but quite noticeable).


65% polyester / 35% cotton

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