Defender door hinges
Offroad Monkeys Defender Door Hinges
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Offroad Monkeys Defender Door Hinges




The original Defender door hinges have always had a few problems. Rust tends to build up and leak down on the door in a rather ugly manner. Humidity can get into the car. Experienced Landy drivers know that problem well. We have a permanent solution for that problem. Offroad Monkeys Defender door hinges are made from high strength aluminium are built to last.

The advantages:

  • Optimum protection against corrosion and external influences with protective anodizing
  • Easy to use lubricating nipples
  • Stainless steel bolts with thick helical groove for optimum grease dispersion
  • Exchangeable friction bearings (stainless steel)
  • Complex and precisely milled to give your Landy doors a new look

If you install this set, you get permanently rid of rusting and jamming door hinges! Result!



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