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Recovery Kit Bundle
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Recovery Kit Bundle


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Well, the snow is threatened again and we need to be prepared for different situations- the 4x4overlander recovery kit bundle gives you all you need apart from the one essential a bucket of common sense. It consists of the Nakatanenga mesh rope bag, 2 x 3.25 tonne WLL shackles and either a 9m recovery strap 9 tonne MBL or a 15m recovery strap.
The mesh rope bag allows you to see the contents of the bag without opening it.  The mesh allows wet items to dry out .
Nylon recovery straps are much better than the cheaper polyester straps as, with their greater elasticity, the peak shock loads with nylon straps are lower.
These long nylon straps mean that the vehicle doing the towing can position itself further away from the stranded vehicle which means the tow vehicle has a better chance of finding firm ground to start pulling the stranded vehicle out.
This recovery kit bundle is easy to stow in the vehicle and transport to where it is needed.
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