ram locking ipad mount
Ram Locking Ipad mount
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Ram Locking Ipad mount


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The RAM locking ipad mount consists of a high strength composite holder, patent pending Uni-Conn™ docking connector and dial combination lock for the Apple iPad 2.
The Uni-Conn™ docking connector enables the use of the factory iPad cables with docking connector for charging as well as other functions. Also works with most aftermarket cables and or modules with docking connectors. With the vast variety of available cable / docking connector accessories for the iPad you can quickly dock your iPad for charging, line out audio, external GPS antenna and much more. For security, the RAM-HOL-AP8D2L features a patent pending dial combination lock.
Multiple AMPs hole patterns found on the back of the holder, makes it convenient for attaching various mounts for perfect articulation and viewing angles.

This holder is compatible with the following tablets:

Apple iPad 2 (2nd Generation) WITHOUT CASE, SKIN OR SLEEVE

Docking Holder: Yes
Locking Holder: Yes
Fit’s Tablet’s WITH Cases: No
Fit’s Tablet’s WITHOUT Cases: Yes
Low Vibration Environment: Yes
High Vibration Environment: Yes

Holder  Features:
1. Unique design enables the use of the factory iPad charging cable and docking connector
2. Compatible with many cable accessories
3. Quickly dock and undock your iPad without requiring the insertion and removal of the charging cable
4. Dial combination locking mechanism for theft deterrence
5. High strength materials maximize longevity of holder
6. Full access to all ports
7. Multiple attachment hole patterns for convenient articulation and viewing angles
8. Lifetime Warranty

Popular Cable Accessories Available:
1. iPad Charging
2. DVI Video Output
3. Composite Video Output
4. HDMI Video Output
5. VGA Output
6. Audio Output
7. Enhanced GPS Module


High Strength Composite

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