RAM no-drill vehicle mount
RAM No-drill vehicle mount
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RAM No-drill vehicle mount


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The universal RAM No-drill vehicle mount consists of a RAM 1″ diameter ball and socket system, connected to a 18″ long rigid but flex capable rod. The base consists of a 2.5″ diameter round plate with universal AMPS hole pattern end. This RAM POD I allows you to mount a light to medium weight item in a car safely and securely. This is the setup that we tend to use in our vehicles as it is sturdy, does not get in the way for the passenger and can be easily accessed by both passenger and driver.
This mount is suitable for use with smaller Netbooks, iPads and the like but is not suitable for use with larger laptops. We suggest the use of the RAM-316-1 for items weighing up to 2kgs and the RAM-316-3 for Laptops with 15″ (or larger) screen sizes.

Installation Instructions:
At right angles to the base of the 18″ long leg is a foot with a mounting hole. Simply place the passenger seat mounting bolt into the hole and adjust the mount to the required height with the flexible leg. The rigid flexible arm will hold everything you need safely and securely.

Material: Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminium

Colour: Black

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Weight 2 kg