Planar remote control
Planar Remote Control- Autoterm Remote
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Planar Remote Control- Autoterm Remote


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This Planar Remote control allows you to control AUTOTERM air 2D and 4D (= Planar 2D12, Planar 44D12) parking heaters with 4 cables and diesel preheater of the type AUTOTERM Flow 14S (= 14TC-Mini) via radio remote control. Think ahead and start the heater already before the start of the journey! It is annoying to freeze during the ride and find that it is only warm when you arrive at your destination? This remote control is the answer! With the included module and radio transmitters, you can remotely control 12-volt AUTOTERM parking heaters, parking heaters with 4 cables and diesel preheaters of type AUTOTERM Flow 14D (formerly 14TC-Mini)! Included in the package are 2 transmitters and of course the module for connection to the heater.

Range of the radio remote control: max. 100m

– 2 fobs
– Module for 12 Volt Planar parking heaters incl. Wiring diagram

Alternatively, we also offer a 3-channel radio remote control for Planar 12 volt auxiliary heaters with max. 150m wireless range.

All modems or remote controls are connected to the brown and white cable of the Planar. The Simcom has a prepared plug connection. The PU5 or PU27 keypads can still be used.

Unlike other providers, our Planar remote control is specifically tuned to Planar heaters and the receiver is housed in a waterproof and shockproof housing.

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