Oztent Alu-Box


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OZtent Alu-Box

There are many aluminium boxes, but only one “Alu-Box”. The Danish family business of the Wibergs on Zealand has been supplying the Danish military, various rescue services, international expeditions and off-road fans all over the world with tough, handcrafted transport boxes made of the aluminum alloy AW-5754. As it should be for real Vikings, the Danish aluminium box is seawater-proof. In addition, the Oztent Alu-Box is lockable, dust-proof, rustproof and highly resistant to chemical substances.

The experience of the Wibergs and their commitment to constantly improve the aluminium boxes can be seen above all in the details. Stable, impact-resistant stacking corners ensure a firm connection when stacking several boxes. The handles are spring-loaded and therefore do not stick out, which can otherwise often lead to damage and injuries. In addition, the use of solid rivets now makes the aluminum boxes even more stable, even under extreme stress. Or as the Wibergs say: Battered, beaten and still going strong.

The Oztent Alu-Box, specifically for the 30-second touring tents from OZTents, is a development by Sören Wiberg, who is himself a big Land Rover and camping fan. The OZtent versions RV1, RV2, RV3, RV4 and RV5 fit perfectlyand with the external dimensions 2130 x 510 x 220 mm is ideal for roof rack transport – whether on the CargoBear or any other rack.

Of course, this OZtent All-Box can also be misused for any other long piece of equipment or tools. Shovels, sand ladders, waffle boards, snow chains and everything else that you have to take with you on expeditions or camping trips.

Aluminium AW-5754, waterproof / dustproof to the IP54 rating

2,130 x 510 x 220 mm

And another special note about aluminium: Although, as with all of our products, we take the greatest care in storage and shipping, our aluminium boxes can always have the smallest scratches, stains, dents or other minimal surface features upon delivery. Since the material aluminum is ultimately a natural product, these traces are material-related and therefore not a reason for complaint. In addition, aluminium boxes are intended as robust everyday objects. Like everything that is actively used, they develop an individual patina and every trace of use tells a story. So have fun with it!

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