Outhaus Swag – Oxley




Designed with the motorcyclist or canoeist in mind, the Oxley swag is a compact set up that allows for a smaller pack size. Still a roomy swag, the pack size savings are made by using a narrower mattress and slightly narrower floor.

Features include:
400g (12oz) proofed rip-stop polycotton canvas
Strong 550g PVC bucket floor
PVC boot mat
Covered air-flow vent at the head end
50mm high density slab foam mattress with removable cover
Strong, lightweight aero-grade 8.5mm aluminium poles
Zip up bug-stop mesh layer
Half length top cover
Internal gear storage pockets
Heavy duty 38mm webbing compression straps
Top cover and inner mesh unzip on both sides of the swag for easy access

Just add your blankets or sleeping bags and get a really cosy, comfy rest after a hard day enjoying the great outdoors. Oxley is the lightest of our hooped swags and makes for a great portable solution on the back of a bike, in a canoe or just carried some way.

Approximate dimensions:
Rolled up with mattress: 600mm x 260mm
Unrolled: 2000mm x 800mm
Head height: 750mm
Mattress size: 50mm x 2000mm x 500mm
Weight: 4.5kg (including mattress, pegs, ropes & poles)

Add a carry bag to protect your Oxley swag from the worst of the weather and to carry the rest of your kit.
(Carry bag is made from strong black waterproof PVC but does not provide a submersible 100% waterproof pack)
Need to know more about swags?
Canvas swags are a relatively new concept to the UK and, hopefully, this guide will give you more of an idea of what you can expect from this famous well proven icon of the great outdoors.

It is an evolution of the days of Waltzing Matilda and the Australian ‘Jolly Swagman’ travelling from farm to farm looking for work and sleeping by the billabong under the coolibah tree in his simple bedroll – essentially his blanket in which all his belongings were kept.

The first thing to acknowledge about a swag is that it would be a mistake to call it a tent. In Australia, tents are tents and swags are swags. The humble swag is better thought of as a sleeping system. It is an extremely comfortable mattress set inside a strong, hard wearing canvas shelter. You can keep some items inside with you and sometimes even have more than one of you but you’re not going to be doing any cooking in there and getting dressed is easier outside than in.

Most swags are top loading, which means that if it’s raining and you want to get in or out, you’re going to get wet, as is the inside of your swag. To this end, the most popular way to enjoy a swag is to think of it as just the bed part of your camp set up (similar to how you may view a hammock). Pitch an awning on your 4×4 or a tarp between some trees and have the swag pitched at the edge of this shelter. Then you have a large area for cooking and other activities with your comfy canvas bedroom on the outskirts. This means that you’re going to have a roof over you, protecting you from the weather and you can sleep with just the bug net, even if it’s throwing it down outside.

Outhaus swags are made from heavy duty waterproofed polycotton canvas and have strong waterproof PVC bases but they are not designed to be used alone in heavy downpours. They will shrug off a shower but if you insist on using one in the worst of British weather, you’ll definitely need an awning or tarp otherwise the canvas will eventually wet out. To some, this may be a strange concept, and not one that a manufacturer would admit to, but we’re comfortable with it. You either get swags or you don’t. We hope you do!

Additional information

Weight 5 kg