Offroad Monkeys Adjustable mirror arms


The adjustable mirror arms are the newest addition to the Offroad Monkeys range. The adjustable mirror arms made of high-strength aluminium and are available in 2 lengths.
The mirror arms are are a perfect match for our hinges, but will also fit any original frame. The sophisticated folding mechanism with hardened disc holds the mirror firmly in the direction of travel even at high speeds without fluttering or folding. In tight gaps in the field, the mirror can be folded close to the vehicle and you still have a good view in the rear view mirror.

Available in original length and 100mm longer. The longer version is ideal for towing a trailer or with a hard sided body.

Advantages of our adjustable mirror arms for Land Rover Defender
available in 2 lengths
precisely manufactured from high-strength aluminum
Stainless steel bearing pin
corrosion-resistant due to anodizing
sophisticated adjustment mechanism
2 pieces in a set – 100% Made in Germany


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