New Defender Storage Tray
New Defender Storage Tray
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New Defender Storage Tray


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Plain New Defender Storage Tray, perfect fit, for the centre console

This has been designed and manufactured in the UK to give a perfect, secure fit, allowing devices or items to be stored and easily reached.


-Approximate usable dimensions – 85 x 210mm, depth of 13mm which holds phones, wallets, keys and coins etc.

-Bespoke protected design

-Supplied in Black 3D printed finish

-Now made in tough and very heat resistant ASA X Polymer plastics, meaning the New Defender storage tray will not warp easily in a hot car, or tropical conditions!

-Easy to remove, and access the lower storage area or socket outlets

-Made from tough, durable plastics

-Leaves a small gap between tray and bulkhead to allow cable to pass, and easy removal

-Protected design

Please note that subtle design changes may be made, and colour may differ, from the images shown. We will always ship orders that are matching.
These items are 3D printed to fine tolerances, but the nature of FDM 3D printing is that the surfaces have tiny layer lines. This is not a defect, but simply the process of manufacturing these items. We hand finish every product before shipping.

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