new Defender HD dash clamp
New Defender HD Dash Clamp
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New Defender HD Dash Clamp


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New Defender HD Dash Clamp System for the Defender L663 – Heavy Duty

This New Defender HD dash clamp will attach anywhere along the cabin, and allow you to fit your own devices that you already own mounts for, such as RAM mount systems, Garmins, phones, tablets etc.
We do 2 versions – this is the Heavy duty version suitable for upto 800g is recommended, although it will support much more. The clamp is wider, thicker and denser to provide greater stiffness and support.


-Comes with clamp and 1″ ball, which can be removed if not required.

-Also has a 6mm and 8mm hole pre designed, to allow other mounting options.

-Tool free install using Black wing nuts, or by using the supplied 10mm hex nuts for a neater install.

-Now made in tough and very heat resistant ASA X Polymer plastics, which do not warp easily in a hot car, or tropical conditions!

-Foam pads help protect trim and provide grip. Easily replaced.

-Registered design

Please note that subtle design changes may be made, and colour may differ, from the images shown. We will always ship orders that are matching.  These items are 3D printed to fine tolerances, but the nature of FDM 3D printing is that the surfaces have tiny layer lines. This is not a defect, but simply the process of manufacturing these items. We hand finish every product before shipping.

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