new defender cup holder
New Defender Cup Holder
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New Defender Cup Holder


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Defender Cup Holder Bespoke for the L663  – for use anywhere along the dash!

For those that need an extra larger holder, or where the use of the jumpseat makes the stock ones un-usable.
Designed to work with regular drinks cans, and all mainstream hot drinks mugs. Works particularly well with the Nespresso and Yeti Mugs, and anywhere along the dash.

We provide a special insert for the top of the dash clamp, that allows the Defender cup holder to be mounted in different locations along the dash, giving a more secure fitting for really heavy drinks, or without for regular mugs and weight.
Works particularly well to the far Left and Right of the dash, for both the Driver and Passenger if 2 holders are require.

Printed on our new State of the Art Laser Sintering 3D Printers, in a Matt Black finish that compliments the interior trim very well, is strong and smooth with virtually no layer lines visible.


-Comes with clamp cupholder – as one device – fits up to 83mm Diameter, 83mm from the bottom of your mugs.

-Finished in a Matt Black finish, which matches the car interior very well

-Tool free install using the large latching lock nut

-Now made in tough and very heat resistant PA12 Nylon, which does not warp easily in a hot car, or tropical conditions!

-Gel pads help protect trim and provide grip. Easily replaced. Spares provided

-Registered design

Please note that subtle design changes may be made, and colour may differ, from the images shown. We will always ship orders that are matching. We hand finish and inspect every product before shipping.

The use of this, and all our products is at the users risk, and we cannot be held responsible for drink spills, or damage to trim. We recommend a lid is always used.

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