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Nakatanenga Tool Bag
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Nakatanenga Tool Bag


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Practical tool bag

What’s the best way to transport your tools and equipment? Case, box or bag? A bag will offer great advantages on the road, especially if it is as tough and high quality as our new Nakatanenga Tool Bag. It is flexible, needs hardly more space than the actual contents and adds little extra weight on top. That makes our bag ideal to quickly pack, transport or store your gear, even in small spaces.

Heavy items aren’t a problem either due to the strengthened bottom of the bag, the wrap-around straps and the quality YKK zipper. And since bags are naturally less organised than cases or boxes, we have added four extra pockets on the inside, creating perfect spaces to store smaller objects separately.

Our Nakatanenga tool Bag is the ideal partner for jobs on the road: Small, light, robust and flexible in its use.

Material: 100% Nylon PU coating
Zipper: YKK


If you are thinking that jump leads might be a great to put inside, then they are available here

And by the way: At Nakatanenga, we are exclusively using materials with 100 % Nylon PU coating for all our textile products. In contrast to PVC, Nylon PU (Polyurethane) contains no harmful, phthalate-based softeners. Until recently, lower-molecular-weight phthalates have been the primary choice for plasticisers in synthetic materials, even in food products and cosmetics. Phthalates accumulate in the environment, however, and are thought to act like hormones due to their molecular similarity. This is highly alarming, because it is assumed that these chemicals can cause many diseases, including cancer. For the coating of our Nakatanenga textile products, it is therefore no question for us to exclusively use non-toxic, ecologically sound alternatives that pose no health risks, like Nylon PU.

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