swan neck tow ball
Nakatanenga Swan neck tow ball incl. 2-hole on 4-hole adapter

Nakatanenga Swan neck tow ball incl. 2-hole on 4-hole adapter


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Swan neck tow ball 3,5t incl. adapter plate with adaptation from 2- to 4-hole mounting; especially compatible with simultaneous use of a hook type coupling.
Tow ball and Adapter plate both with E-mark!
Mounting material is included (adapter plate with screw kit).
It is particularly suitable for the simultaneous use of a NATO coupling (eg for a Sankey Trailer), D = 17,5kn. Also useful for NAS steps where reinforcing ribs get in the way of the back plate of the standard drop tow ball.
It is available in two sizes depending on the amount of lowering required. The Nakatanenga tow hitch allows you to tow a caravan or trailer at the optimum height.
You can choose between two different tow balls and therefore different towing heights

1. Swan neck tow ball, for a lowering from 84mm to 140mm
2. Swan neck tow ball extra deep, for a lowering from 154mm to 210mm.

What makes the 1x 2-hole to 1x 4-hole adapter so special?
Even if there’s not much place between plate and traverse, you can mount the adapterplate to a hitch block – because you mount the plate on the front side of the hitch block.

Max D-Calue 17.5 kN

Max Nose weight 150kg

The 1x 2-hole (90mm M16) to 1x 4-hole (83x56mm M10) adapter is mounted on the front of the trailer hitch .
Fatigue strength (adapter plate): D = 20.2kN

A 2x 2-hole on 1×4-hole adapter can be found here in the shop.

Special feature of this drop tow hitch is the 1x 2-hole to 1x 4-hole adapter plate : Since this is attached to the front of the trailer hitch, you can use the adapter plate on 2 hole towbar where access to the rear is limited as is the case with the Ford Ranger

Please select the desired ball head to get the drop tow hitch you need.

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