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Nakatanenga Stainless Steel Bolt Kit VAST 90SW
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Nakatanenga Stainless Steel Bolt Kit VAST 90SW


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This is the only stainless steel bolt kit on the market which come complete with genuine LR head door bolts and anti-seize paste. It fits all years.
EXCLUSIVE TO NAKATANENGA – the ORIGINAL Land Rover shape. The side door and rear door hinge screws, as well as the screws of the car body fastening at the rear, are specially manufactured for us and correspond in shape to the original screws (Torx tool holder).

This kit is suitable for a 90SW/90HT/110HT from TD5 onwards and consists of 380 parts.
The screw sets are clearly packaged in 10 bags for each part of the vehicle:
– rear door hinges
– Rear body mounts
– grille
– loading bar + reflectors
– bonnet hinges
– cross member rear
– wheel holder
– Headlight rims + wing covers
– side door hinges
– Door sill inside + A-pillar
+ 2 buffer screws
+ anti-seize
All of the bolts in the stainless steel bolt kit are packed separately and clearly labelled.

The dark grey stainless steel screws were coated with a chromium oxide layer via a computer-controlled electrochemical process. As a result, the stainless steel screws are still protected against rust.

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