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Nakatanenga Stainless Bolt Kit VAST 110SW
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Nakatanenga Stainless Bolt Kit VAST 110SW


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This is the only stainless bolt kit for Defenders which comes complete with genuine LR head door bolts and anti-seize paste. All the bolts are clearly packed and labelled.

This kit is suitable for a 110SW/110CC/130CC and consists of 430 parts.

The screw sets are clearly packaged in 10 bags for each part of the vehicle:
– rear door hinges
– Rear body mounts
– grille
– loading bar + reflectors
– bonnet hinges
– cross member rear
– wheel holder
– Headlight rims + wing covers
– side door hinges
– Door sill inside + A-pillar
+ 2 buffer screws
+ anti-seize
All of the bolts in the stainless steel bolt kit are packed separately and clearly labelled.

The black stainless steel screws were coated with a chromium oxide layer via a computer-controlled electrochemical process. As a result, the stainless steel screws are still protected against rust.


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