stainless bolt kit
Nakatanenga Stainless Bolt Kits VAST 110HT
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Nakatanenga Stainless Bolt Kits VAST 110HT


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This is the only stainless bolt kit on the market which come complete with genuine LR head door bolts and anti-seize paste.

This kit is suitable for a 90SW/90HT/110HT and consists of 380 parts. The bolts are packed in 10 separate packages to aid fitting. They include Rear door hinge, body mount rear, front grille, loading bar and reflectors, bonnet hinges, rear cross member, eyebrows and fender covers, side door hinges, door sill inside and A pillar and 2 buffer screws and anti-seize paste.

The stainless bolts are packed separately and clearly labelled.

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