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Nakatanenga Spare Wheel Bag
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Nakatanenga Spare Wheel Bag



Storage space is always needed and you usually have enough of it. But what if you carry things that you don’t want in the vehicle interior –  firewood, charcoal, barbecue kit, recovery straps or even rubbish? – The perfect solution for this is our Nakatanenga spare wheel bag! This is simply attached to the spare wheel and offers enough space for all kinds of objects.

The straps of the bag/rucksack are attached to the spare wheel in an x-shape and guarantee maximum support. The spare wheel bag is not limited to being fixed to spare wheels but can also be used on ladders, rollcages, tailgates, etc. When not in use, it can be folded together compactly.

On the top, the backpack has a small zip pocket for small stuff and in addition has MOLLE strap loops attached to the sides so that even more additional pockets or even small items can be fixed on securely.

The spare rucksack was manufactured according to US military standards (MIL-SPEC) and our specifications of Delta Bags in Germany. It is made of polyamide 6.6 and has a PU coating on the inside. In contrast to the customary PVC coating, this coating does not give off a disturbing chemical smell since no plasticisers are used for these.

The delivery is without the illustrated accessories.

Material: Polyamide 6.6 with PU coating

Capacity: about 80 litres

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Weight 2 kg