screwable bike adapter
Nakatanenga Screwable Bike Adapter
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Nakatanenga Screwable Bike Adapter


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Hitch-mounted racks for bikes and other sports gear are fantastic, if you are using your bikes only off and on or once a year on your annual holiday trip. No cumbersome attachment to the roof rails or the trunk needed: simply lock it onto your car’s standard ball hitch when you need to and hey presto, off you go. Theoretically, that is, because for most 4×4 owners, the rear-mounted spare wheel will usually be in the way of a regular hitch-mounted bike rack. But that’s where Nakatanenga comes in.
As an alternative to our lever operated quick-release adapter, we also provide a screwable bike adapter that can be screwed onto the existing ball hitch. The extension you gain is the same as with the other adapter: 25 cm to the back. It will take a little bit longer to attach or detach the screw-on version, of course, but it has the big advantage that there’s no lever in the way if you have little space around your trailer hitch. You also don’t have to secure it with a padlock since there’s hardly any worry about theft en route. So, if the quick-release adaptor is not for you because you want to mount a smaller or permanent adapter, this screw-on solution is the one for you.
With a maximum load of 120 kg, the hitch-mounted screwable bike adapter is ideal for standard bike racks, cargo carriers, tubs, baskets etc. Please check the individual road safety regulations and legal requirements for your country when mounting the adapter.

For technical and legal reasons, the use of the adapter with a trailer is PROHIBITED.

The adapter shifts the ball hitch 25 cm backwards

Please note:

You need a 24 mm wrench / socket to fasten it (not included!)
Check regularly !!
Note the drawbar load !!

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