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Nakatanenga Recovery Rope Mesh Bag
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Nakatanenga Recovery Rope Mesh Bag


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Our robust and easy-to-clean Polyester mesh bag was initially developed by our Nakatanenga textile shop to hold the kinetic tow ropes. A large kinetic rope with 8 m length and 24 mm width fits perfectly into this 60 x 35 cm bag. Apart from the ropes, this mesh bag is absolutely perfect for everything else that comes dirty and dripping: sports shoes and hiking boots, rain gear, training equipment, water sports, you name it.

Using mesh as the primary material for bag, also means much nicer handling in comparison to ordinary closed materials. You can quickly pack wet and dirty ropes and let them drain and dry in the bag. That way, there is no chance for trapped moisture to contribute to any material deterioration and unpleasant mouldy smells.

You can also use the mesh itself to grab and handle excessively dirty equipment without having to use your bare hands, if nothing else is available. That comes in especially handy in emergency recoveries on the road, because you’re never as likely to carry all the dirt into your car’s interior. After the job is done, you can easily hose down the rope within the bag.

Robust seams, a quality zipper, wrap-around handles and two orange loops for hanging or securing make this mesh bag one tough and durable receptacle for all your rough gear.


Width 60cm
Height 35 cm


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