Nakatanenga Planar Mobile Heater


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Mobile heater Autoterm (Planar 2D12) is a diesel air heater with its own aluminium box
Get the ultimate portable “standalone” heating solution. The low-cost and powerful Planar diesel air heater is installed together with a modern battery, a control element, a fuel canister, an exhaust silencer and much more in a robust aluminium box. We are happy to advise you.

The Autoterm (Planar) heater on the go! No, we are not talking about the usual air or water heater installed in the vehicle. This mobile heater is the ultimate portable “standalone” solution for icy feet and for those of us who feel the cold. So you can not only quickly heat the interior of your off-road vehicle, motorhome, camper or bus, but also ensure a pleasant feel-good temperature in a roof tent or in a snowy mountain hut or glamping pod..

The low-cost, high-performance Planar 2D12 air heater is mounted in a sturdy aluminium box. A Banner Runner Bull AGM battery with 70A and a 5L fuel canister are also built in to make for safe operation of the diesel-air-heater. To protect the components and for stability, there are sturdy aluminium plates between the heater, the Banner battery and the aluminium box floor. So the contents remain intact, even when being transported in the all-terrain vehicle!

The mobile heater is controlled by a digital control with timer. Temperature, ventilation and power are configurable and also the start of operation can be set to specific days of the week and times. It also comes with two 1-channel remote controls, meaning you can switch the Planar 2D12 heater on and off via remote control.

✔ Alu-Box Pro (60 liters)
✔ Planar 2D diesel / air heater
✔ Banner Running Bull AGM Batteries (70 Ah)
✔ fuel canister (5 liters)
✔ 1-channel remote control
✔ Hot air pipe connection, check valve, outlet and inlet feedthrough
✔ Exhaust silencer, heat protection hose and other important components of the heater

Technical data of the air-heater:

Fuel Type: Diesel
Heat Output: max. 1,8kW, min. 0,8kW
Volume of heated air: max. 75m³ / h, min. 34m³ / h
Fuel consumption during operation: max. 0.24 l / h, min. 0.1 l / h
Power consumption during operation: max. 29W, min. 10W
Weight: 3kg (independent heating)
Manual start / stop
Setting options via the control element PU-27:

– temperature and power (adjustable for heater, control panel and for external heater)
– Time and date
– operating language (English or Russian)
– Timer function
↳ Configure a time when the heater starts every day
↳ Up to 3 different days of the week with different times can be set and saved.


These are available to order from stock in Germany – delivery up to 3 weeks to the UK

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