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Nakatanenga Mechanic Tray
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Nakatanenga Mechanic Tray


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Flexible solutions are Nakatanenga’s speciality and especially in the off-road area, in dust, dirt, grass and bumpy terrain, you learn to think outside the box. The Mechanic Tray, made from truck tarpaulin, is a typical product of this Nakatanenga way of thinking. Who hasn’t lost important small parts while fixing something in the field or accidentally knocked over a plastic shelf full of screws, nuts and washers?

With our Mechanic Tray made of truck tarpaulin, working in dirty or poorly lit off-road situations is much easier. The flexible material adapts to rough ground much better than rigid plastic and you won’t knock anything when sliding around under the car. A 4 cm high rim and – this is the highlight – integrated neodymium magnets ensure that nothing falls out during repairs and gets lost in mud or grass. Depending on the size M or L, they have either one or two of these high-quality magnetic fields sewn in.

Our Mechanic Tray is oil-proof, extremely stable and washable. The tray is available in orange, which helps to find small parts more easily and can also be used as a signal in an emergency but for those less flamboyant folk,  we can also supply Olive or Sand.


Size M: 30×40 cm
Size L: 40×60 cm

Pack size:
Size M: 13.5×12 cm
Size L: 18×14 cm

100% truck tarpaulin
670 g / m2

Colour variations:

olive (RAL6006)
sand colored (RAL7002)

Magnets are not toys and are not suitable for children. With small magnets there is a risk of suffocation due to small parts that could be swallowed! Be aware of the risk of breakage and splinters: neodymium magnets can easily break or splinter, especially with flat designs! An uncontrolled impact of magnets as well as an external, mechanical impact or pressure load should therefore be avoided!

This item was designed, produced and tested in the Nakatanenga in-house tailoring shop. A committed team and short distances enable continuous quality control and further development of our textile products.

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