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Nakatanenga Folding Table
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Nakatanenga Folding Table


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The Nakatanenga folding table was always popular and missed when it was withdrawn from the range but now it has been replaced by an even better double shelf table. Perfect for traveling in difficult terrain, whether off-road, on an expedition or even when camping, when a solid, clean and flat surface is worth its weight in gold, be it for cooking and eating, for repairs or just for proper navigation with maps and GPS. The Nakatanenga folding table offers not just one storage space, but two, like a small shelf. For example, you can be cooking things on the cooker on the upper shelf, whilst preparing the food below, free of dust and dirt.

The double folding table is robust, load-bearing and can be easily and quickly hooked into the supplied stainless steel bracket on the rear door or on the side of the car as required. Two screws, which are also included, enable permanent attachment. The table is simply folded up for driving.

The powder-coated surface of the metal construction is resistant to scratches and wear and tear and also insensitive to heat. When cooking with camping gas for example. you can put warm pots or pans directly on the table (Caution! Do not put boiling hot pots on the table, this could damage the coating). The lower level also has an edge that is pulled upwards so that objects cannot fall out even if the unit is slightly tilted.


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folded 64 x 4 x 23.5 cm