defender wing top box
Nakatanenga Defender Wing Top Box

Nakatanenga Defender Wing Top Box


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The Defender always draws the air for the heater on the passenger side and because Land Rover did not build different wing variants for annoying details such as left and right-hand drive, the driver’s side simply got a closed plastic panel in the opening. And that’s a good thing, because hobbyists, optimizers and friends of multipurpose conversions have a prefabricated body opening with space below for watertight storage or functional space. The assembly of our lockable, black Defender wing top box is very easy. The cover is removed in five minutes and the box screwed into the existing hole pattern of the cover. If you only need storage space for small tools, oil rags or gloves, you have already finished the conversion here. If you want to approach the matter more ambitiously, you can also use sockets, air pressure connections or maybe install the emergency stop switch for the winch electrics. The bottom of the box is loose in order to make such functional fixtures as simple as possible. The storage compartment and the lid are made of weatherproof, powder-coated aluminum and are made in Germany. The hinge was rolled onto the sheet metal with a special tool and connected with a 4mm stainless steel pin. The lock is from the world market leader EMKA from NRW, comes with two keys and is protected from dirt and ice by a cap. Nakatanenga quality completely Made in Germany. The  Defender wing top box is available from us for both left-hand and right-hand drive vehicles. If a checker plate is installed on the wing tops of your vehicle, where the lid or the storage box is to be fixed, it may be necessary to enlarge the cutout slightly.

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Weight 2 kg