glow plug repair kit
Nakatanenga Defender Glow Plug Repair Kit
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Nakatanenga Defender Glow Plug Repair Kit


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Land Rover Defender glow plug repair kit
If the Diesel engine has a hard time starting from a cold start and is particularly nagging and smoking, this is often due to the glow plugs. Before replacing the glow plugs, you should first check the condition of the cables and plugs. Often the problem is only due to the fact that cables and connectors are exposed through porous plastic sheaths and the electrical contacts suffer. As a rule of thumb, the service life of the glow plugs exceeds that of the cable and plug connections by far, because cables and plugs and their insulation are much more exposed to mechanical and weather-related influences.

With our glow plug connector repair sets, Defenders with Td5 and Td4 2.4l engines can be retrofitted very easily in the event of problems with cables or plugs. This is also recommended if the glow plug set is replaced anyway. The advantage of the repair kit: If the next problem occurs, the entire wiring harness does not have to be replaced at great expense; it is enough to change the plug and cable up to the crimped connection. This saves time and money and is also no problem for diy mechanics.

ATTENTION: Does NOT fit for Tdi and Td4 2.2l.

contents: 4 plugs

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