cycle carrier adapter
Nakatanenga Cycle Carrier Adapter
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Nakatanenga Cycle Carrier Adapter


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Tow bar mounted carriers for bicycles and other sports equipment are great if you only cycle every now and then or if you want to take the bikes with you on holiday once a year. No more cumbersome attachment to the roof bars or the rear: Simply clip it onto the tow bar and off you go. That’s the theory, but in practice, 4×4 fans usually have the spare wheel in the way. But do not despair, Nakatanenga have the answer with their cycle carrier adapter.

With this high-quality quick-release cycle carrier adapter, which is securely and lockable mounted on the existing ball-head coupling , the coupling point can be moved backwards by 25 cm. This is usually enough space for the bike rack to get past most of the spare wheels. It is best to measure here before ordering to see whether the 25 cm is sufficient in your particular case. Please also note that the lockable locking lever on the right-hand side also takes up its space. The existing trailer coupling on the vehicle must therefore be completely free and must not be cramped by indented bumpers or the like. If you have any questions, we are of course happy to help.

With a maximum load of 120 kg , the adapter is ideal for standard bicycle carriers, game tubs and racks.

For technical and legal reasons, the adapter must NEVER be used for trailer operation.

The coupling point can be moved backwards by 25 cm

Expected to be available again in autumn

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Weight 8 kg