3 season socks
Nakatanenga 3 Season Socks

Nakatanenga 3 Season Socks


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Nakatanenga likes to offer an all round range of products and the 3 Season Socks are the latest addition to the range. As an outfitter for Offroad and Outdoor activities, it is part of our job to think things through from the beginning to the end. And where do comfort and well-being start, if not with your feet? Exaggeration? Definitely not! It is a physiological fact that cold, wet or snowy conditions affect your hands and feet first. Once your feet are wet and unable to dry, unhealthy or even dangerous effects pile up: loss of body heat, skin and tissue damage can ensue. That’s why you quickly catch a chill from having wet feet, even when the rest of your body stays dry. In extreme cold, that’s why your toes will freeze first. In great heat on the other hand, it is cooling from condensation you’re looking for. Again, breathability is key.

And that’s why we are now offering our own high performance Nakatanenga 63 % Merino-wool 3 Season socks, with an intelligent blend of synthetic fibre. These mid-length socks in grey-coyote sport ergonomic padding and are meant for everyday activities. Whether outdoors or on the job, they are perfect inside hiking or work boots. Merino is a very light natural high performance fibre made by Mother Nature. It is very comfortable to wear, insulates well and achieves superior ventilation and moisture transport. No wonder Merino has become a benchmark for functional underwear and wicking layers. And since Merino is naturally anti-bacterial you can wear it much longer than other materials without having to worry about body odour.

But nature alone doesn’t quite do the trick. That’s why we’ve added an intelligent mix of synthetic fibre to boost Merino’s natural capabilities. Elastane makes the fabric more flexible and ensures less wear and tear from heavy use. A combination of synthetics woven into the material improves Merino’s ability to wick away moisture even further. Your skin stays dry and sweat can evaporate much faster.

Our Nakatanenga socks, with lots of Merino and intelligent synthetics, are Made in EU!

61% merino
11% polyamide
20% polypropylene
8% elastane

Colour: grey-coyote

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