MUD L663 New Defender Bulkhead Delete Kit


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Removing the full-height bulkhead panel from the L663 Defender 110 ‘Hardtop’ van model is a popular modification, but with the factory bulkhead panel removed from the vehicle, it leaves the area behind the seats looking crude and unfinished.

Our MUD Bulkhead Delete Kit cleans up the front edge of the load platform and the trim area behind the seats to create a smart OEM interior appearance when the bulkhead has been removed from a L663 Defender 110 Hardtop.

The moulded raised lip of the Bulkhead Delete Kit creates a raised mini-bulkhead that will prevent items in the rear of the vehicle from falling into the void behind the front seats and/or damaging the back of the seats.

With the bulkhead removed, the interior of your Defender Hardtop will suddenly feel brighter and airier. Grabbing items from the rear of the vehicle is easier and you’ll enjoy a greater range of seat adjustment.

The MUD Bulkhead Delete kit can be installed in around 30-minutes and we’ve designed it so that it uses existing fastener locations meaning no modifications need to be made to your Defender interior. This design feature also means the install is completely reversible at a future date. Full colour fitting instructions are provided, and can also be viewed below in here.

Alternatively, we can supply a pair of the factory Grab Handles for fitting to the B Pillar that are used on the regular Defender models with rear seats. The handles can provide an occasional lashing point in the back of the Defender Hardtop.

Note: The MUD Bulkhead Delete kit fits the 110 Hardtop Models only. It will not fit the 90 Hardtop models because the 90 has a completely different profile around the B-pillar area. A 90 version of the MUD Bulkhead Delete Kit is currently under development.

Disclaimer: The MUD L663 Bulkhead Delete Kit is not intended to offer any structural strength or any form of personal protection to occupants from a shifting load. It is the owner’s responsibility to secure any loose items placed in the rear of their vehicle.

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