Morale Patch – A fun way to get a message across

Morale Patch – A fun way to get a message across


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Often it is the little things in life that lift the mood for you or your team, even on rough days: Sometimes a friendly smile, a thumbs-up emoji or a morale patch is enough to turn around difficult situations and to motivate people . In addition, our patches for attaching to velcro surfaces on clothing, bags and other textile products naturally also have the very serious purpose of identifying people and equipment.

Rugrats on board? And what’s more you’re traveling in a 4×4 or on a camping holiday? Then kiddie rucksacks, nappy bags or any other textile equipment with a velcro fleece surface can be personalised with our Zombie Outbreak Response Team Patch. Who is the zombie and who is the response team? Of course – as in any family – this is purely a matter of opinion!

The Zombie Outbreak Morale Patch is available with either a kitty or a bear.

OR -Are you the one who is on the go, in the workshop or in the camp, everyone is pestering with their questions or concerns? Attach our Stupid Allergy  Morale Patch to a boiler suit, jacket or otherwise clearly visible on bags, tool rolls or back packs and you show your fellow human beings with a friendly wink that your time is valuable and that thinking or doing it yourself also helps from time to time.

OR – Are you maladjusted, have your own opinion, and do your own thing? Then our Black Sheep Patch is right for your clothes or one of our bags, such as a backpack or messenger bag. With this, you signal to all those who say yes and followers in the herd early on that there is a wolf under your sheep’s clothing.

OR- Who doesn’t feel like a shit magnet when everything goes wrong again, everyone looks at you to get the boat afloat again and then you tear off the first screw? But the Shit Magnet is also someone who takes responsibility and doesn’t duck back. Attach the badge as a badge of honour on overall, outdoor jacket or tool roll and tool bag so that it is immediately clear who is the boss in the shitstorm.

OR- “Shit Happens” is a universal law like gravity. It is good if you are always aware of it, even when there is the greatest anger or the most difficult challenges. Attach this Morale Patch to your overalls, outdoor jacket, your tool roll or perhaps – to borrow from the literal meaning – to toilet roll holder or nappy bag and even unpleasant tasks can be faced in a much more relaxed way.

Our high-quality, woven patches with a bound edge are Made in EU.

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