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Mobile Parking Heater
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Mobile Parking Heater


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Operating instructions and overview can be found here

Welcome to the second generation of the Nakatanenga mobile parking heater in a box! Now packing even more technology, even more experience and even more customer feedback in the new mobile heating boxes. Anyone looking for a small, self-sufficient and portable heat source with unrivaled capacity for cold days and nights in unheated outdoor shelters or temporary accommodation can get everything they need (or want) in a small, weatherproof aluminium box. In three modular versions with different configurations, the Nakatanenga heating box offers the perfect, independent heat source for tents, pavilions, garden houses, mountain huts, snack bars, market stalls and much more.

The controller used for the non-battery variation is the PU5. The heart of the mobile parking heater is the Autoterm Luft 2D, a diesel-powered air heater with a maximum heating output of 1.8 kW and diesel consumption of almost a quarter of a litre per hour at full power. With a tank volume of a good 18 L in the double tank version, it can be heated at full throttle for over 70 hours. The economical unit, which is also very quiet thanks to the exhaust silencer at 55 dB, in the version with two batteries, it is regulated by a digital control with a timer and can also be switched on and off via radio remote control. So you can warm up the camper, the roof tent, the construction trailer or the hunting lodge in time to get up or preheat for the evening and operate from the place where you stay or sleep inside *.

In contrast to the previous models, the three variants of our mobile parking heater are only available in one box size, namely 42 L. This is significantly more compact than the old version in the large version and only slightly more voluminous than the small model from earlier. What’s the benefit? The new universal crate has a modular interior and is extremely powerful. Depending on whether you need tanks, batteries or both in the box, you can choose the appropriate variant when buying: with 9.2 L single or 18.4 L double tank, each without battery, as well as with single tank, two batteries and digital control . However, if requirements change, it can also be easily retrofitted or converted. This is made possible by elaborately designed brackets in the box and the use of specially manufactured, custom-made tanks.

The self-powered configurations are equipped with an SAE socket for external 12V power connection and can be used for example with a solar panel kit. The powerful 60 Ah battery version has a capacity display, a USB interface for charging a smartphone or power bank and is controlled by the PU27 digital control unit with a timer. Two radio transmitters for remote control bring even more convenience.

The warm air is transported via a firmly screwable, waterproof flexi hose. Since the required warm air hose is different for each user and each setting, we do not include a standard length, but leave it to you to order the desired length separately.

Regardless of the configuration, the mobile parking heaters are always easy to transport and make the difference between experience and suffering in the cold seasons. Whether it’s a Northern Lights safari, selling cookies at the Christmas market or winter camping in a roof tent, nothing is really fun when you are frozen to the marrow.

* ATTENTION: As a precaution, we would like to point out that operation in closed rooms is not permitted due to the risk of poisoning from exhaust gases. In addition, for optimal heating performance, care should be taken that the air supply for combustion and hot air is positioned so that it is protected from the weather.

Internal dimensions 550x350x220 mm
External dimensions 580x380x240 mm

Empty weight:
2 tanks, without battery: 18 kg
1 tank, without battery: 16 kg
1 tank, 2 batteries: 36 kg

The battery lasts, depending on how many starts are made, at least 40 hours but more usually between 60-70 hours.

And another special note about aluminium: Although, as with all of our products, we take the greatest care in storage and shipping, our aluminium boxes can always have the smallest scratches, stains, dents or other minimal surface features upon delivery. Since the material aluminium is ultimately a natural product, these traces are material-related and therefore not a reason for complaint. In addition, aluminium boxes are intended as robust everyday objects. Like everything that is actively used, they develop an individual patina and every trace of use tells a story. So have fun with it!

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