Maggiolina Wings

Maggiolina Wings


The Maggiolina wings are an accessory designed to give entrance protection for additional shelter in case of rain. Simple, easy to use and much appreciated by customers.
Made of Airtex fabric with windproof structure, aluminium and steel, space saving.

Dimensions: width 160 cm jutting 85 cm

Instructions and recommendations for use are an integral part of the product, present in each packaging.

When Jurg Sollberger saw them for the first time, he immediately thought of bat wings and that these were just what the Maggiolina range needed. They create a cover of 160 cm at the entrance to the tent, which is a benefit for a number of reasons, above all making it easy to enter.
It’s a great idea, and doesn’t require any changes to the tent, such as holes in the shell. Nothing! The Wings can be added using a support clipped under the shell run-off. All standard fittings.

He explains the advantages of this useful accessory, which he strongly recommends: it doesn’t take up much space and can be set up quickly and easily.
– It makes a large entrance sheltered from the rain, so you can change your shoes, for example, without getting wet. It keeps everything dry, including the mattress. In the morning, when you wake up, you’re perfectly dry.
– The hooks for slippers or boots – in one corner of the covering – are very useful.
– When it is very hot, the tent doors can be fully opened to change the air, while the tent is still protected from the rain, the sunlight and prying eyes, ensuring the utmost privacy.

The Maggiolina wings are available in two colours – grey and carbon.

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