Maggiolinna Grand Tour
Maggiolina Grand Tour
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Maggiolina Grand Tour



Beauty, the natural feature of the aerodynamic design of the Maggiolina Grand Tour roof tent, is coupled with dynamism in a perfect mix of aesthetics and practicality. The new range is an invitation to discover hidden treasures: just take your place inside the roof tent, and you will notice the comfort and spaciousness.
Like every roof tent made by Autohome, Maggiolina Grand Tour is designed for comfortable, safe and dry overnighting, whatever the weather. A synonym of excellence, Autohome roof tents are used by extreme camping professionals the world over, providing safe shelter. This range of roof tents comes in different sizes to meet your particular needs: Maggiolina Grand Tour guarantees freedom and space.
Autohome: “ A simple silhouette and a great look ”

Elegantly designed and aerodynamic classic models perfect on small cars and 4WD vehicles. Models equipped with opening “by handle”, soundproof and anti-condensation roof, high density sponge mattress with cotton cover, 2 to 4 pillows and adjustable aluminiun ladder for medium height vehicles..

The Maggiolina Grand Tour: offers the most internal capacity of Maggiolina Range when closed. Wide internal volume to fit all your overnight stuff, sport bags, travel tools, backpacks and valuables. Everything sheltered in case of bad weather.

1 – Easy-to-use handle to open and close in a flash. The reliable function is assured by a mechanism consisting of screw jacks linked by a chain drive system within the structure.

2 – This opening system is reliable, lasts forever and needs no maintenance. It is operated by a removable handle. When the tent is open it will remain steady even in stormy weather conditions. In addition, it is appreciated because it adjusts the tension of the fabrics so they are always taut: even after years, the fabrics do not go limp, so stability is maintained, along with good weather-proofing and the appearance of the tent.

3 – The handle is also an anti-theft device for your contents stored inside, as the shell cannot be opened without the handle.

4 – The aerodynamic design coupled with its ample storage capacity will allow you to safeguard all your overnight items, camping/travel accessories, sporting equipment and valuables from all weather conditions.

5 – All tent models have 2 doors (one each side) and 2 windows (one each end). Each opening is equipped with zip fasteners and mosquito mesh screens.

6 – Roll up, roll down mosquito net with two zip fasteners.

7– Each Maggiolina has a overhead quality light (18×5 cm), with 3 super bright Leds, with pivotable reflector and easy to replace batteries. Roof is equipped with anticondensation insulation.

8 – Maggiolina has three “self-adjustable” locks to offer the perfect locking even after years.

9 – All tent models are equipped with two doors as standard, one each side, giving the user a choice for entry and exit as well as complete through ventilation of the tent. The Grand Tour range has 2 large French windows, wider than standard: L= 90 cm rather than 75 cm. Doors with adjustable openings, for greater air circulation without forfeiting privacy. Adjustable doors for greater air circulation without forfeiting privacy.

10– Protection sheet fitted to the base of the door giving greater insulation and protection from dust, rain and cold.

11 – The aluminium ladder has very small overall dimensions.

12– As standard, the automatic spring device blocks the ladder when it is open. The risk of slipping is prevented and the ladder is stable and safe on any terrain. Top of range versions, further equipped and with more optional than the classic version.

13– Entry and exit is made using either of the 2 doors* with vertical zip fasteners. A second, additional, arc zip fastener is also fitted for partial door opening giving privacy and ventilation which can help eliminate condensation.

14 – Closing, the elastic guys can be activated by simple clips to fold the fabric inside the shell. The elastic is fitted neatly, not sewn onto the fabric, and does not cause crumpling, creasing or damage, ensuring perfect waterproofing and a good-looking tent. This feature is particularly useful with high vehicles.

15 – Ladder storage bag.

16 – Stowage nets, useful for sleeping bags, towels and personal belongings.

17 – Four removable pockets, two each side, fitted as standard.

Classic white shell with Carbon Fabric (other colours are available to order)

A Roof Tent Made to Last – The Maggiolina Grand Tour

All particulars, from the design concept, materials and components, to the safety features and insulation, have been methodically chosen and thoroughly tested in order to obtain an all-weather proof product that can be depended upon at all times. Just like the structure of a boat, we have used fibreglass to prevent it from aging, discolouring or losing its shape. Its remarkable capacity to withstand knocks and bumps can ensure durability but should the worst happen Maggiolina is easily repaired.

Roof insulation with air gap is an exclusive Autohome feature.
The air cushion obtained by the internal alveolar panel and the anti-condensation foam allow a better thermal and acoustic insulation and a healthier and more silent place to rest in case of rain.

The “sandwich” construction base has 25mm insulation thickness, while the two “C” shaped built in guides allow easy installation of roof tent with any kind of roof cross bars (normally without any additional fixings) offering a steady and safe structure in order to withstand any off-road stresses.

size small


Recommended for 2 adults

MG/12 – Grand Tour Small
130 x 210 cm
Close h:
36 cm
Open h:
96 cm
67 Kg*
344 l*

We can ship to you but why not come to us and have your tent professionally fitted for free and get a demonstration of how to use it?

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