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Maggiolina Extreme Roof Tent
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Maggiolina Extreme Roof Tent



The Maggiolina Extreme roof tent is a new and revolutionary type of roof tent for lovers of off-road adventure: with a new design and new colour; it incorporates a new style roof rack for all your sporting or essential travelling equipment making it ideal for weekend trips, holidays and adventures on and off roads the world over. With Maggiolina Extreme, roof tents take on a new meaning: freedom, strength and unbeatable comfort.
For a holiday, weekend away or an extreme journey, Maggiolina Extreme roof tent is perfect for any occasion: the spirit of freedom and adventure.
Autohome: “ A simple silhouette and a great look ”


Shells are handmade by precision craftsmen in Europe, the best guarantee of quality: a quality structure, compact, pull-out, unlike ordinary plastic or similar products available on the market. The fibreglass insulates the inside from the heat and cold and can be cleaned easily (it is undamaged by aggressive cleaning agents). Strength, reliability, comfort, quality: Maggiolina roof tents are all this and more.

Elegantly designed and aerodynamic classic models perfect on small cars and 4WD vehicles. Models equipped with opening “by handle”, soundproof and anti-condensation roof, high density sponge mattress with cotton cover, 2 pillows and adjustable aluminium ladder available for different heights of vehicle. This Maggiolina Extreme roof tent has a white shell and Carbon fabric, it is available to order in other sizes and colours- contact us for more information.

Easy-to-use handle to open and close in a flash. The reliable function is assured by a mechanism consisting of screw jacks linked by a chain drive system within the structure.This opening system is reliable, lasts forever and needs no maintenance. It is operated by a removable handle. When the tent is open it will remain steady even in stormy weather conditions. In addition, it is appreciated because it adjusts the tension of the fabrics so they are always taut: even after years, the fabrics do not go limp, so stability is maintained, along with good weather-proofing and the appearance of the tent.

The handle is also an anti-theft device for your contents stored inside, as the shell cannot be opened without the handle.



The exclusive model with roof rack attachment built into the top.
Recommended for two adults.

Art: MG/05 – MC/05 – MBS/05
Maggiolina Extreme
Sizes: 130 x 210 cm
Closed hh: 33 cm
Open h: 90 cm
Weight: about 70 Kg*
Volume: about 203 l*


The exclusive model with roof rack attachment built into the top.
Recommended for two adults and a child.

Art: MG/06 – MC/06 – MBS/06
Maggiolina Extreme Medium
Sizes: 145 x 210 cm
Closed h: 33 cm
Open h: 90 cm
Weight: about 75 Kg*
Height: about 228 l*

Open H max 90 cm
With the special “C” shaped guides built into the top, you can fit specific roof racks to hold
items such as canoes or surfboards without any additional attachments.
Max 25 kg (see the instructions).

Includes: 2 adjustable load bars on the upper shell, 4 universal clamps for attachment to roof bars, 1 opening handle, 2 doors with step by step opening and 2 triangular windows, mosquito-netting on windows and doors, soundproof and anticondensation roof insulation, 4 removable pockets, stowage net, 1 mattress and 2-3 pillows, 2 air vents, 1 interior light, 1 height adjustable alloy ladder, ladder storage bag, elastic straps assist in folding the fabric when closing.

New tents include a set of standard clamps- if you need wider clamps, they are available here

We can ship to you but why not come to us and have your tent professionally fitted for free and get a demonstration of how to use it?

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Weight 66 kg

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