MadMan EMS1

PRODUCT INFORMATION The EMS1 Multi Gauge Instrument can be configured to measure and monitor all of the following simultaneously and is suitable for automotive, plant and stationary engines both petrol and diesel: 1. EGT 2. Coolant Temperature with electric fan control 3. Oil Temperature 4. Oil or Boost or Fuel or Aux Pressure 5. Oil Pressure Switch 6. Water Level with adjustable sensitivity. 7. Engine running hours with selectable “service engine reminder” alarm 8. Battery Voltage of supply battery 12 – 24V DC 9. Inclinometer / Artificial Horizon The above readings can all have individual alarm set points with max and min values. Furthermore the multi gauge has: * Green backlit display * Ability to record all maximum values until reset * Voltage reversal and over voltage protection * Built in audible alarm * Built in Visual alarm * Built in Visual alarm * External relay output drive to cut the engine or for other uses such as electric fan/pump control * Easy to use menu system * The ability to calibrate your own sensors * The ability to set the multi gauge to page through your choice of displays at preset intervals or to display one feature only or have a multiple value display. * The ability to disable any function/s if they are not required * A 10 to 30 Volts DC working range 1x EMS LONG harness is now included with all EMS units.

Unit Only, purchase the appropriate vehicle kit or loose senders separately.

Out-of-the-Box Capability of the Unit
(Requires no additional sensors or hardware)

  1. Battery voltage with high and low alarm
  2. Engine running hours with service timer
  3. Inclinometer and artificial horizon
  4. Oil pressure loss warning (from OEM oil pressure switch)
  5. Coolant level alarm (with ss screws as probes)
  6. Ambient temperature (via unused EGT wires)


Full Monitoring Potential of the Unit
(Requires additional hardware purchased separately or as a kit)

  1. Coolant temperature with high and low alarms
  2. Oil temperature with high and low alarms
  3. Oil or Boost or Fuel or Aux pressure with high and low alarms
  4. Exhaust gas temperature with high alarm

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