Madman EMS Sender kit – Puma 2.2
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Madman EMS Sender kit – Puma 2.2


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Land Rover Defender Puma 2.2 Sender kit. Purchase the EMS unit separately.

This EMS Sender kit contains the following parts:

Item CodeDescriptionQuantityPurpose
323801009001SENDER Temperature VDO 50-150  Deg C 1/8 NPT2Coolant and transfer box oil temperature
360081029012SENDER Pressure VDO 10 Bar1Engine oil pressure
TP60EGT Probe 60mm + 2.2m lead1Exhaust gas temperature
M18X1.5PLUGM18x1.5 Tapped Plug1EGT adapter
AH32KIT32mm Hose Adapter Kit1Coolant and level adapter
H280PKITExtension hose kit with Clamp1For oil pressure
18NPTBSTFITTING 1/8 NPT Brass Street T1For oil pressure
716JIC14NPT7/16 JIC – 1/4 NPT Nipple1For oil pressure
14NPTF18NPTADAPTER 1/4NPT Female to 1/8NPT1For oil pressure
M14X1.5PLUGM14x1.5 Plug Adapter1Transfer box temperature


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