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LRP Easy Lift
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LRP Easy Lift


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The LRP Easy Lift 4.0 Suspension module allows you to take full advantage of the potential of the car’s original pneumatic suspension system. Its installation, totally plug and play, only takes around 45 minutes; with no need to modify your car’s mechanics, with a simple click on the LRP Easy Lift’s controller or on the App available for Android and iOS devices, you can change the trim and height from ground at will, depending on the ground conditions or presence of obstacles to face and exceed, independently from the vehicle’s speed.

7 variations of height from: -35mm to +75mm and Special programsWheel alignment, Extra Low and Recovery.

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The Standard program allows 7 height variations, with factory configuration: -30mm-20mm-10mmNeutral;+35mm+55mm and +70mm.

On the Settings page of the App you can change it and configure each preset within a measuring range from -35 to +75 millimetres in 5mm increments.

The LRP Easy Lift module can be used in addition to the Land Rover heights, in order to increase the range of combinations and variations reachable. Thanks to the combination of the Land Rover Off Road height and Easy Lift +70mm setting, for example, a total variation of about +125mm is obtainable.

The Special programs offer the ability to self–manage special or emergency situations:

The Self-Levelling program allows you to automatically level the vehicle in order to reach maximum comfort to sleep into the car or into a roof-placed tent. Easy Lift can compensate for angles of 4/4,5° on a single axle or of equivalent value on the sum of both the axles, with a tolerance of 0,5° per axe.

The Wheel alignment program performs an accurate wheel alignment of the vehicle; no more need to go to the dealer to lock and subsequently restore the suspensions, reducing time and costs of the intervention.

The Extra Low program enables you to lower the vehicle down to the minimum limit allowed, without completely emptying the pneumatic system and/or without generation and recording of faults in the system board’s wheel speed sensor. It’s designed to facilitate getting in and out of the vehicle for people with reduced mobility or to facilitate the loading/unloading of luggage or parcels/materials from the vehicle, whether they are stored in the luggage door or on the roofrack.

Default Height customisable:

The default program reached by double-clicking the controller’s knob is “Neutral”. This default program can be customised to suit your own needs. Vehicles which feature big tyres, for example, may need a greater default height compared to the Neutral one. Customers who own a more sporty vehicle may prefer a constant lowered setting, instead. Customisation can be done through both the phone App (Settings page) and through the Controller.

Easy Lift is suitable on:

  • Land Rover Discovery 3/LR3 L319
  • Land Rover Discovery 4/LR4 L319
  • Range Rover Sport L320 Model Year 2004-2009
  • Range Rover Sport L320 Model Year 2010-2012
  • Range Rover L322 Model Year 2005-2012 (*)

(*) Before the purchase send us your VIN number for check the compatibility


  • Raise/Lower programs: 7
  • Factory heights (mm): -30, -20, -10, Neutral, +35, +55, +75
  • Programmable Heights: YES
    • Range: -35 to +75
  • Special programs: 3
    • Self-Levelling
    • Service
    • Extra Low

The smartphone App which completes the equipment of all Easy Lift versions and, simultaneously with the use of the car’s handsfree, allows to:

Customise the module (heights and default program)

to manage the module and view in real-time:

suspensions excursion

program or height activated

Mirroring the controller by displaying the program or height you are selecting while moving the knob

The App is customisable by choosing the vehicle model, the tyre type that you want to use (off road or road type) and it is available in English and Italiano. Get it now!

Advantages of raised heights during Off Road performance:

  • Several more heights reachable, which can be changed by the driver, depending on the route or the obstacles to face
  • Greater height from ground of the vehicle
  • Better attack, back and escape angles
  • Possibility to cover non tarmac roads to advanced speeds (more than 50 km/h)

Advantages of lowered heights on tarmac

  • Reduced height of the vehicle from ground
  • Lower centre of gravity
  • Better aerodynamic coefficient
  • Reduced fuel consumption

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