Hillbilly Hotplate for Butane Stove
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Hillbilly Hotplate for Butane Stove



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Hillbilly Camping Gear

This little folding handle hotplate is designed to fit all portable butane stove tops and has locating points underneath to prevent movement on the stove top. With the handle folded the plate packs down flat to approximately 15 mm thick which enables it to be packed in most stove carry cases along with the stove. The design of the hotplate maximises the cooking area on a small portable stove.

Made in Australia, using only natural materials and no artificial coatings. They are a naturally non-stick cooking surface. Easy to clean and made to last.

These have some storage marks but should clean up perfectly when seasoning.

The Hillbilly products are made of natural steel

*Please note, the steel is not always uniform in colour. There can be slight variations throughout the product.

Before use, simply wash the product with hot soapy water. Dry and apply a smear of cooking oil (any type)

The product and be used immediately or to season in, place the pan over a medium heat for 15 mins. This bakes the cooking oil onto the steel.

After use, wash, dry and apply a smear of oil before storing away.

Or, simply pour water onto the pan while it is still hot, this will deglaze the steel. Wipe dry with a paper towel, then lightly oil before storing away.

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