Ford Ranger window vents
Ford Ranger Window Vents from Nakatanenga
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Ford Ranger Window Vents from Nakatanenga


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The. Nakatanenga Ford Ranger window vents provide good air circulation like with slightly open windows and still no higher risk of rainwater penetrating or theft than with closed windows? And on top of that you get protection from various insects. These are suitable for vehicles from 2012 onwards

The Nakatanenga Ford Ranger window vents complete with mosquito nets are made from aluminium – no rattling universal parts that “somehow” hold! For a discreet appearance, the window vents,which are supplied in pairs, are powder-coated in black.

Ideal not only for campers and dog owners, but also to avoid the build-up of heat when parking in the blazing sun. Add to that the super easy assembly: crank the window down, insert the ventilation plate, crank the window up, job done!

NB: At high temperatures, children or animals do not belong in a parked car, even if they have enough fresh air!

Length :685mm

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Weight 2 kg