emergency amber warning light
Emergency Amber Warning Light – LED
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Emergency Amber Warning Light – LED


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Emergency Amber Warning Light

Originally invented by a police officer, the LED emergency amber warning light is now an indispensable part of the equipment for police, fire and rescue services and relief workers. For a  long time the use of these  was reserved for the military and first responders, but now this technology is available to everyone.

This compact (Ø 12cm) warning light provides a 360 ° light using 16 ultra bright LEDs, which are visible up to 15km. The light is not only water, shock, impact and vibration resistant, it is even so strong that you can drive over it with a tank! And it is small enough for the glove compartment,  Cubbybox, the backpack or saddle or tank bag. Thanks to the ultra-strong neodymium magnet it also adheres to sheet metal and steel parts but also has a loop, so they can be hung.

Unlike ordinary flashlights or glow sticks, this LED warning light operates reliably over a much wider temperature and range of applications and can be stored for up to 10 years because of its leak-proof lithium battery. Please note this when comparing with other warning lights on the market- these are often powered by a conventional battery, which will certainly run out in the glove compartment of the vehicle after some time – and make LED warning lamp useless in the “emergency”.  The lamp has 9 possible flash sequences, incl. The globally recognised “SOS” Morse code and a permanent light in two stages (lantern function) and has the replaceable CR-123 battery burn time of about 100 hours (with rechargeable RCR-123 cell ca. 36 hours).

The Emergency Amber Warning light has the following advantages:

  • 360 ° light with optimum lateral radiation – a weakness of many other warning lights
  • compact size for the smallest possible storage space (about hockey puck)
  • can be mounted almost anywhere thanks to neodymium magnet and loop
  • extremely versatile: used in road transport or emergency lighting, etc.
  • because of its sealed construction and use of LED technology can be used where other warning lights fail or are potentially dangerous (eg in high humidity or near fuels)
  • floatable

Product features:

  • Dimensions: 120mm x 35mm
  • Weight: under 200g total weight
  • Light source: 360 ° light with 16 solid-state LED lighting
  • Battery: 1 x CR-123 Lithium (shelf life: 10 years, leak proof)
  • Battery life: about 100 hours (CR-123)
  • Operating temperature: -40 ° to + 100 ° Celsius
  • Visibility daytime: up to 300m
  • Visibility at night: up to 800m
  • Visibility air / water: up to 15 km
  • Shock, vibration and water resistant


Selectable flashing sequences and respective light duration (in hrs.):

# 1 – rotating light (10 hrs.)
# 2 – (. 10 hrs) 4 bright LEDs
# 3 – Slow flashing light (50 hrs.)
# 4 – alternating flashing light (10 hrs.)
# 5 – SOS Morse code (15 hrs .)
# 6 – strong continuous light (7 hrs).
# 7 – weak continuous light (50 hours).
# 8 – 2 LED continuous light (30 hours).
# 9 – 4 LED continuous light (12 hrs).

ON: Briefly pressing the on / off switch
OFF: long press on the on / off switch

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