dual height boot basket
Discovery Dual Height Boot Basket
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Discovery Dual Height Boot Basket


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Keeping the boot and interior of your Land Rover Discovery 3 or 4 organised is easy with the range of Boot Baskets from 4x4overlander. The latest addition to the range is the Discovery Dual Height Boot Basket – affectionately known as the Lumpy Bumpy basket.

This dual height boot basket allows for a fridge to be fitted under one side of it and can be handed left or right. To secure these baskets completely, just use velcro cinch straps from either the cargo barrier or from the isofix loop. Easily fixed in place but, equally, easily removable if you need to use all the seats. The dual height basket can be used with the extra height at either the left or the right hand side of the boot.

Clearance under raised section to standard floor is about 620mm and about 430mm under lower section

If you need flat basket, then check out these available in three sizes.

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