Defender Spare Wheel protector
Defender Spare Wheel Protector
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Defender Spare Wheel Protector



The 4x4overlander Defender spare wheel protector covers the fastening nuts on the Defender spare wheel. Covering the spare wheel nuts will slow down the unauthorised removal of the spare wheel. The spare wheel protector is available in  black powder coated and can be supplied with or without shackle-less padlock.
The wheel should be secured under the protector with 3 wheel nuts at least one of which must be a locking wheel nut.
Fitting the Defender spare wheel protector is relatively straight forward operation. Although this is an anti-theft device, we also recommend taking the additional precaution of using a spare wheel cover. Apart from protecting your wheel from UV light, it also makes it difficult for the passing thief to tell at a glance if your wheel is worth pinching and what security precautions you have.

PLEASE NOTE, this spare wheel protector will not work with the new Defender L663

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