defender rear door stay
Defender Rear Door Stay v2 – post 2002
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Defender Rear Door Stay v2 – post 2002


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Defender Rear Door Stay

The new improved version of our Defender rear door stay features an intelligent strut which allows the door to open slowly and stop gently.
This is to replace the original fitting with a gas strut with a Soft-Stop function to keep the door open even when parked on a slope.
The damper works reliably even with a single pivot spare wheel carrier mounted to the rear cross member.
The improvements made to the new version are

  • All accessories are now made from stainless steel
  • The chassis mounting bracket has been redesigned
  • It has swivel ends to minimise problems in fitting
  • The gas strut has an improved seal for use in dusty environments and a soft-stop function
  • Fitting instructions are enclosed

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1 review for Defender Rear Door Stay v2 – post 2002

  1. Tom

    Bought at the LRO show in September. Played with the V1, V2 and V3 and found this one suited me best. The V1 was a bit sharp when it reached the end (open) and shook the door as a result. The V3 doesn’t look as good IMO and didn’t seem quite so positive, but if you want a clear door bottom then I can see the advantage.

    The V2 fits very easily with no drilling, and transforms the rear door. Whereas before it was forever closing on me whilst I was working round the back of the Defender, loading stuff in etc. the door just stays put. It opens and closes smoothly and easily and just works. It’s one of those really boring additions that you wonder how you managed without. Lift the handle, the door opens itself, slows near the end and stops. And stays stopped.

    Criticisms. Hmm. I guess the bracket that attaches on the door was a bit odd, the row of holes was irrelevant on my door – there was only one set of holes that made any sense to use. It could open a little further I guess, but then you might end up with the strut going past 180° and the whole assembly becoming wibbly wobbly. the instructions weren’t amazing but it’s pretty self explanatory. You’d have to be trying hard to get it wrong!

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